Famous Stamp Collectors

famous stamp collectors

Famous People Who Collect Stamps

The greatest collector in the world is probably The Queen, having inherited a vast stamp collection from her father the late King George V. His collection was of immense value, and when his children were young they knew that on a certain afternoon of each week they must not disturb their royal father because he was “at his stamps”.

The King of Egypt was another famous collector, especially of stamps of his own country. The Duke of Argyll in Scotland is one of his country’s most important collectors, and the Earl of Crawford and the Marquess of Bute also hold collections of great value.

We think of John Drinkwater as a poet and playwright, but one of his most absorbing pastimes was stamp collecting. Some of his specialised collections were sold for a considerable sum. If you saw the greatest comedian, George Robey, the “Prime Minister of Mirth,” at home you would be surprised. He would not be making funny faces and funnier jokes. He would be very seriously studying his valuable stamp albums, for philately was his greatest absorbing hobby.

President Roosevelt of the U.S.A. is an enthusiastic collector, as is his predecessor ex-President Hoover.

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